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*Note: Oil does not seem to be refined as it used to be. DO NOT let your tank go below ¼ full during the winter months. It will cause your oil to gel up making your unit unable to run and a service call will be necessary. Make sure you clean your unit every year.


It is a good idea to have your heating unit cleaned every year. We suggest you clean your unit before the cold weather hits (Spring or Summer).

Consequences of not cleaning your unit:

  • Buildup of creosote from burning oil may cause your unit to plug up.
  • Possible Co2 poisoning from the buildup of creosote. If your unit is plugged with creosote, it can cause your unit to get too hot which will then cause cracks in your chamber, vents or gaskets. This allows Co2 to leak into your home.
  • Improper flame on your unit can cause your unit to burn more fuel and cost you more money; and
  • Due to buildup of creosote or unadjusted flame your unit could breakdown during the cold season costing you more money.

Benefits of cleaning your unit:

  • Make sure there are no cracks in your gaskets, chamber or vents to prevent Co2 poisoning.
  • Inspection of your flame to make sure your unit is running properly to prevent breakdowns during the cold season.
  • Better oil consumption which will save you money.

**Note: By Maine Law a licensed certified professional should be servicing your boiler. Maine 32 Section 18102 “License Required”

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