Service Plans

Service Plans

OIL BOILERS/FURNACES: This plan includes vacuuming the unit, brush out unit, clean smoke pipe and base of chimney, clean drawer assembly, clean fuel pump, burner and adjust pump and ignition system, replace nozzle, filter and strainer, check coil, check all controls, gaskets, chamber and bearings and run an efficiency test. Call for details on parts covered under plan and pricing.

PROPANE/NATURAL GAS: This plan includes vacuuming out blower compartment and surrounding area, vacuum and check heat exchanger and combustion chamber, clean and adjust gas burner, ignition and pilot assembly, visually inspect heat exchanger and chamber for cracks, rusting or other problems, inspect flue assembly and test draft mechanism, test and inspect safety controls and adjust gas pressure, replace filters, clean drive mechanism and fan assembly, lubricate all fan motors and moving parts, adjust dampers, test transformers, relays and controls and perform efficiency test. Call for details on parts covered under plan and pricing.

AIR CONDITIONING/REFRIGERATION: This plan includes vacuum and clean condenser coil, inspect coil, clean condensate drain, clean and adjust blower motor, inspect filtration components, lubricate all moving parts, inspect for leaks, test condensate pump, check electrical connections, measure air temperature differential, monitor refrigerant pressure and test restart. Call for details on parts covered under plan and pricing.

TANKSURE PROGRAM: Do you have an oil tank and worry what would happen if it starts leaking? Let Fontaine HVAC take that worry away from you. We are pleased to offer the Tanksure Program that will protect you from any potential mishaps with your oil tank. This plan will cover up to $1,000 in tank replacement cost. Our service technician will inspect your tank by using an ultrasonic equipment to measure your tank’s thickness and detect any corrosion or other defects. Call for details on parts covered under the plan and pricing.

Please call us for Service Plan pricing tailored to meet your individual needs.

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• Warm Air Furnace

• Hot Water Boiler with Coil

• Hot Water Boiler with Indirect Water Heater

• Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

• Commercial Plans available

• Propane/Natural Gas Warm Air Furnace

• Propane/Natural Gas Boiler w/ Indirect Water Heater

• Propane/Natural Gas Water Heater

• TankSure Program