Trusted Heating Services

Trusted Heating Services

PROPANE/NATURAL GAS – Propane and natural gas are the fastest growing source of heat in our area. It is a cleaner and cheaper way of heating compared to oil. Gas furnaces produce a higher efficiency and are less expensive to maintain than an oil boiler. We offer repair, service or new installation on these units and have a wide variety of gas units you can use. There is the option of converting your current oil boiler/furnace to gas by changing the burner. Not all units will allow the conversion, so you would need to check with our experienced service technician on your options.

We recommend that you clean your unit every year. There are no expenses for changing parts yearly on a gas unit like an oil unit. Our maintenance consists of vacuuming, inspecting the units and checking for any cracks or leaks, and lubrication of parts. We recommend that the cleaning be done during the summer time when it is not used much.

OIL – Oil has been known as the dependable way to heat your home. However, in the past years we have found that oil seems to sludge up easier if you have little oil in your tank. Oil units are more expensive to maintain on a yearly basis. You need to replace nozzle, filter and strainer, as well as vacuum out all of the creosote that has built up inside your unit due to oil burning. An annual maintenance is highly recommended, which should be done in the summer time when your unit is not running much. If you let creosote buildup in your unit it can cause deterioration which will cause breakdowns during the cold season, cracks in your chamber and Co2 poisoning.

We offer repair, service or new installation on a wide variety of oil heating systems. Our experienced technician will inspect your unit and make sure it is adjusted properly, so that there are no safety issues. Our technician will also offer suggestions on how to better the efficiency of your unit.

CONTROLS – There are many controls that can help you save money on your heating expense. You can add a programmable thermostat and/or controls that monitor the outside air temperature to lower your boiler temperature on warmer days or months. Ask our technicians about the various options.

Radiant Heating in Lewiston, ME

Floor Heating That Will Change Your Home

Radiant heat systems supply heat directly to the floors in the house. The system uses Pex tubing instead of vents, duct work or baseboard, which allows warm water to pass through heating the floor and anything above it. It is more efficient than baseboard and forced-air heating and especially better for people with allergies. Hydronic radiant heating uses little electricity and you can utilize gas or oil fired boilers, solar water heaters or a combination.

Give our office a call and speak to one of our technicians to discuss your options on radiant heat.