Air Conditioning in Lewiston, ME

Air Conditioning in Lewiston, ME

Call Us For Trusted AC Repair

Breaking out in a sweat in your own home can be a miserable experience. When you realize that your AC unit isn’t working properly, call Fontaine HVAC and Solar Energy Services, Inc for air conditioning service in Lewiston, ME. We take care of AC repairs, as well as central air system and condensing unit installations.

Did you know that ductless mini-split systems can be used for heating, cooling and dehumidification? Contact us today to talk with an HVAC contractor about your air conditioning installation options.

How to maintain your AC unit

One of the best ways to maintain your heating and cooling system is to schedule routine maintenance. Annual AC maintenance is required on all units to prevent breakdowns. During a maintenance service, an experienced technician will:

  • Vacuum your unit
  • Clean the coils
  • Check the Freon level and thermostats
  • Lubricate operating parts

Call Fontaine HVAC and Solar Energy Services now to schedule your air conditioning maintenance in Lewiston, ME. You can rest assured that we’ll leave you with a reliable air conditioning unit that will cool your home all summer long.